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Professional Painter
Professional Painter
Professional Everhart Painter for a day, is a convenient program that provides home and business owners with an Everhart professional painter for a full workday. This program is a great way to take care of any smaller painting projects or maybe an annual touch up that you might need. Our long-time customer base love this service for the simplicity and convenience of having an Everhart professional painter for a single day for all your paint and coatings need!

So, if you just need a professional for a day, call us at Everhart painting to assure the job you need to be done is done and done to Everhart standards!!!

First of all, we at Everhart Painting want to thank you for the opportunity to be a part of your exterior Repaint project!

We at Everhart Painting value our working relationship, and want to assure you that we are committed to making sure your Repaint project stays in the best condition possible until the day you want to change the color and or repaint again!

We all know the most important part to a repaint is the prep, AND THE MOST EXPENSIVE PART WHEN DETERMINING THE COST TO PREP AND REPAINT A EXTERIOR!

With that said we briefly discussed our Annual maintenance program, which consists of us scheduling and sending our Everhart service maintenance rep to your home annually, he would then do a thorough inspection of all surfaces and should there be an area that has an issue due to Freeze-thaw, High heat and or expansion and contractions, or if damage happened due to other natural causes, we would then determine the services needed (If Any) that need to be done, then we would send the Everhart professional painter for a day to do the proper prepping, caulking, priming and touch up of those affected areas now rather than those affected areas staying exposed to the exterior elements and causing expensive repairs later down the road which like we discussed, is the biggest expense when homeowners are looking at getting their house repainted!

Professional Everhart Painter For A Day

We at Everhart Painting have found the answer, with our professional painter for a day program, we have figured out how we can together eliminate that big expense from occurring again on your home!

Our Inspection is an annual free service walk through that our office would schedule with you every spring, at that time an Everhart rep would do a thorough walkthrough and determine if there is areas or affected area that are in need of one of our Everhart professional painters for a day? With this service Everhart would provide the proper labor and materials to assure the entire house is protected annually, should we find repairs that are needed we would then send our service professional out to take care of the touch ups and work found on the inspection, and that would be done on an individual basis, That service is invoiced on a T&M basis!

For example should there be a full 8 hour day be needed for the repairs that charge would be $445.00, (plus materials if needed) obviously unless there is a major problem, an eight hour day of repairs is very very uncommon, so then the Painter for a day is prorated for just the exact time needed to make the necessary repairs annually!

Usually, if there are touch-ups needed there is no more than an hour or two needed to seal things up, then that expense would be charged from our office accordingly at a rate of $55.00 per hour.

I think we can all agree, our Northwest climates Hot summers, Cold winters take a toll on our investments and causes issues with exterior substrates, it is a lot less expensive to pay for an hour or two annually to keep your house in tip-top shape, rather than waiting 10-15 years down the road and now the expense to do the proper repairs are now the reason the repaint cost is so high!

We together can always keep your home protected and looking great for years and years to come and eliminate that big prep expense when ready to change color and paint again!

So we strongly urge you to call our office at 509-927-0920 and set up an annual inspection of your home and let’s start making sure your home repaint investment always stays in great condition and something we will always be proud of!

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