Pre-Finish Shop

Everhart Painting’s pre-finish shop is an industry leader in Spokane and surrounding areas. At Everhart Painting, our commitment to quality and service is second to none . If your project needs pre-finishing to eliminate on-site smells and contaminants, Everhart Painting pre-finish shop can take care of it! Our commitment to quality and service leads the way.

  • Prevent unfinished wood exposure – Materials are finished in a dust-free and controlled environment.
  • Shrinking won’t expose unfinished wood – Tongue and groove are colored and finished on all surfaces
  • Save time with construction scheduling – Products are finished and ready for installation.
  • Eliminates stinky products on the job site – This allows other tradesmen to do their job efficiently without the smell.
  • Custom wood doors, windows, and trim can be finished on all surfaces with a high-quality finish, ready to install.

Finishing woods or metals on site can be difficult, extremely messy, and time-consuming. Pre-finishing your project materials in our state of the art custom finishing shop will save you time on construction scheduling and produce a higher quality product that is ready for installation. 

All finishing products are applied in our custom finish shop’s highly controlled and ideal environment. Isolating paints, solvents, and finishing chemicals in a controlled environment minimizes dangerous chemicals on the job site, allowing the crew and those in the area to work more safely and efficiently.

Everhart Door & Moulding

The experts at Everhart Door and Moulding have been working tirelessly to simplify the process of shopping for windows, doors, and siding. We understand what a major undertaking it is and never lose sight of how important your new construction or remodeling project is. When the time comes to enhance the beauty, performance, and energy efficiency of your home, Everhart Door and Moulding has the expertise, experience, and compassion to help you bring your vision to life. Everhart Painting is truly your one stop shop.

Types of Pre-Finishing Projects We Do.

  • Windows Vinyl and wood
  • Doors and Trim
  • Cabinets
  • Furniture
  • Office furniture
  • Appliances
  • Gel Stain fiberglass doors and trim